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Team OPFit is a Personal Training Facility focused on analyzing your movement patterns to help facilitate the achievement of your movement goals. Team OPFit Coaches use objective screens and assessments along with years of experience to establish plans according to how you move. This creates a baseline that gives direction to various aspects of a plan such as corrective exercises for prehab/post rehab, adding load in a progressive manner to create strength and power, building your endurance training schedule, or a combination of them all! Team OPFit is here for EVERYONE, so that WE can move with a purpose! Optimum Performance Fitness also offers general membership. As a member you will have access to our unique facility, discount pricing on personal training, and access to our small group classes. Although we encourage working with one of our Team OPFit Coaches for optimal results, we are nurturing to people setting and owning their goals!
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