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Hello, my name is Kisha Scott; I am the Owner & Operator of Reigning Warrior Global Fitness which was established in 2003. I have had a passion for fitness since 1996. I have come to understand that being in optimal health is a gift from God, and I treat it as so. The obesity epidemic here in the United States of America is something I am determined to assist in conquering, one client at a time. I believe what makes an effective trainer is their ability to assure that clients feel comfortable being themselves. I also enjoy the fact that no two people are the same; therefore I train each client as individuals. I have learned to adapt to every situation and circumstances, and if you choose me as your “Personal” Trainer, together, we will accomplish your fitness goals and more, As a team. My services includes but not limited to: consultations, Assessments, Workout Programming, Body Composition, Nutritional counseling as well as Monitor client's blood pressure. I also specializes in special need clients who suffer from morbid obesity, asthma, diabetes etc. I have a gift to motivate anyone... I LOVE GOD'S CREATION!!!
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