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My style of personal training is relaxed and fun and I can assure you that you will sweat and feel great after each one hour session. A lot of fun motivating music and good old fashion workout moves.
Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Minor in Biology from The University of Houston • Anatomy and Physiology • Principles of Pharmacology
I would rather continually fail than never know if I succeeded or failed for all time. If your making mistakes then your living and learning. If life seems too easy then how can you enjoy your time off? Our personal lives are so intimately linked to what we do each day at work, home or school. If things always seem mundane and pedantic then life is passing me by. I am not saying I like drama but I do like putting in a hard day’s work at the office or at the gym. That makes my down time even more enjoyable and precious. I love being outside as much as possible. I don’t care what the activity is as long as it does not involve pointing a gun at a defenseless animal. I like to walk, run or hike but once I have done that I do enjoy chilling on the couch with a book or a good movie. I eat to live but do not live to eat so I have to really put on my “thinking cap” to find a place to eat. Sushi, steak, In and Out Burger (Oh My! Got to avoid that one). I am passionate, funny and a bit off center but I can grow on you once you get to know me.
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