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I am a 6 year Active Duty Army Infantryman. I obtained the rank of Staff Sergeant (E6) in less than 5 years, and I am a 2 time Combat Veteran, serving in Combat for 27 months. I have specialized in training young men and women physically to be able to withstand the grind of combat and constant deployments and what it demands on the human body physically and mentally. I have been successful in providng detailed Nutrtition for those who need to Gain Weight and Pack on Muscle, and for those who are overweight, and need to improve in Aerobic Fitness and lose some excess Body Fat, and turn that soldier into a Lean, Muscular, Prime Physical Specimen. I have taken all that I have learned while doing this in the Armed Forces and transfered it into the Civilian Fitness Realm. I am an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, and I am here to take care of YOUR goals, Your Hopes, and set REALISTIC, Challenging, Expectations for you that you will be able to reach, and get the results that you deserve for your hard work, and what you pay for. Give me a call and get your Assessment, And Consoltation, and LETS GET STARTED! ON YOUR FUTURE!!
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