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I train at a gym by the Rivergate Mall, right off the exit on I-65 N at Rivergate Parkway. Even though I work privately, and not for the gym, I choose this location because it has every amenity imaginable. It is a huge,converted warehouse, which has everything you can think of; recently updated with top of the line tanning beds, heated swimming pool, heated whirlpool, sauna/ steam rooms, basketball/racquetball courts, large aerobic area, outdoor/indoor running track,small eating area, and has the largest selection of different types of workout equipment than any gym I've been in.
I have been training for over 20 years now. I am really passionate and dedicated about helping people make positive changes in their lives. I am certified and insured. I have developed a loyal client base, most have been with me for years. Most hired me on a temporary basis but after seeing the results, have continued with my assistance. One of my clients comes from the Brentwood area, which he does 4 sessions a week with me and 2 aerobic at the Y near his home, for the last 9 years. He has lost 55 lbs. and is now in the process of building up muscle. Everybody has a different pace to get to where they want to be but I try not to allow you to let yourself down. Just be ready to be serious and committed in making those positive changes in your life. It can be fun and exciting to see the changes both inside and out.

My plan includes proper technique of various exercises for safety and effectiveness, routines designed specifically for your unique goals, and instruction/education on proper diet. I will keep a worksheet , recording weight, exercises, reps and weight, this way we will be able to monitor your progress. Fat percentage will be tested also.
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