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Noah Hodgin Wellness

  • Type of Personal Training:

    Build Muscle
    Improve Overall Health
    Improve Sports Performance
    Increase Flexibility
    Weight Loss

    Personal Training Locations:

    Facility Personal Training

    Partner Training:



    As a personal trainer in Costa Mesa, Noah specializes in exercise

    physiology and designing fitness and nutrition programs for

    men and women in the following areas:

    Sports Specific Training
    Muscular Endurance Training
    Weight Loss and Weight Gain
    Strength Training
    Competition Training
    Cardiovascular Endurance Training
    Overall Conditioning
    Nutritional Planning

    ​Noah Hodgin Personal Trainer

    ​experienced fitness professional in Orange County.

    Noah was inspired to become a personal
    trainer through his own experiences as high school & college athlete, which he spent many years on the wrestling team. This when he discovered his passion for fitness and helpingothers to meet their health and fitness goals.

    After taking a couple years off due to injury he realized his true passion was getting back into the industry to help people meet their health & fitness goals.


    ca, Costa Mesa, California, United States, 92626


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  • Three Personal Training Sessions and a Fitness Evaluation

  • No classes set up yet. Please contact through contact form to request class schedule.