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  • Type of Personal Training:

    Build Muscle
    Improve Overall Health
    Improve Sports Performance
    Increase Flexibility
    Injury Rehabilitation
    Weight Loss

    Personal Training Locations:

    In Home Personal Training
    Office Personal Training
    Facility Personal Training

    Partner Training:



    I specialize in one-on-one sessions (although consider small groups). Location options available (your place, my place, office, gym, park.... we'll find the right situation for you). Female & male trainers!

    I cater the training specifically to each client, as everyone's needs and desires are different. Yoga, stretching, resistance, strength, weights, various Cardiovascular training options, etc. I have a specialty in Exercise Therapy, so If you are healing from an injury, I'll be here for you to transition after your Physical Therapy. I can also help with nutrition.

    I am an experienced triathlete and runner. I have had my struggles (medical, nutrition, fitness), so I truly understand yours. I have been coaching and educating others for most of my life. I have worked successfully with clients of all ages, backgrounds, health and medical issues, learning disabilities, etc.

    I am a certified Personal Trainer and Specialist in Exercise Therapy (ISSA), with previous group certification (NDEITA). CPR-Pro (1st responder), 1st-aid, Emergency oxygen...

    I hold three degrees in a different field, but I have found them to be very helpful with training, through multiple cross-over skills.

    I am here for you! It's all about you living a long and wonderful life!

    Presidents Drive, Houston, Texas, United States, 77047


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