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  • Type of Personal Training:

    Build Muscle
    Improve Overall Health
    Improve Sports Performance
    Increase Flexibility
    Weight Loss

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    In Home Personal Training
    Facility Personal Training

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    Corinne Alesi is a Certified Personal Trainer. She has helped clients lose weight, tone up and learn how to make positive lifestyle changes to help maintain these results. Improved balance and flexibility are also areas of focus while helping clients achieve their weight loss goals. When working with clients, Corinne designs a program that fits their needs and lifestyle. Corinne is extremely motivated, she is always pushing herself to the limits. She lives for challenging herself and others.

    Have you noticed that it's harder to stay in shape and on routine with your crazy lifestyle? This is one of the reasons why I'm so passionate for helping others to be as healthy as they can be. Due to personal issues and stress of everyday life I let my health and fitness slip through the cracks and I know how hard it is to climb back up from the bottom. I've also watched friends and family struggle with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Disease and other ailments. These can all be improved by changing your nutrition regimen and implementing an exercise routine.

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