Jeff Zollicoffer

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Jeff Zollicoffer

  • Type of Personal Training:

    Build Muscle
    Improve Overall Health
    Improve Sports Performance
    Increase Flexibility
    Injury Rehabilitation
    Weight Loss

    Personal Training Locations:

    Facility Personal Training

    Partner Training:



    What I provide is an effective integrated training program that incorporates all forms of training as part of a progressive system. Designed to safely guide you to your fitness goals, whatever they may be. Be it weight loss, muscle building and toning, or my favorite, anything related to running…getting faster, building endurance, returning from injury, or simply starting out. I’ve never met a runner (or aspiring runner) that I didn’t like. I am certified through The National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer and USA Track & Field as a coach, with over 25,000 hours of experience.

    I offer a 3 session trial package to new clients.

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