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Personal Trainer Insurance

It is recommended that Personal Trainers from the Find My Trainer Personal Trainer Network have current Personal Trainer Liability Insurance while training clients. You may sign up to the network without insurance, but don't risk your well being should an accident happen with any clients.

If you are currently training your clients without Personal Trainer Insurance and something accidental happens with a client then you are liable for it. Even if it is intentional or unintentionally you will be held liable by the client if they file a claim. The less stressful way of training is to make sure that your Personal Trainer Insurance is current cover you just in case something happens. It is a small amount to pay when you consider that it is protecting you and your business. By protecting yourself and your clients it will help you to grow your Personal Trainer business.

Benefits of Personal Trainer Insurance:

• It will cover you at your home and outside workout and allows you to become completely mobile, covering everywhere you train clients.
• A policy does not cover any other trainer besides you.
• It must be paid in full for your coverage to be mailed to you upon approval of the Liability Insurance.
• Most policies cover various type of personal training, not just one style of training. Chiropractic and Supplements Advisement are not covered over most plans.
• The policy is not intended to cover you if you are injured while training. It is meant to cover your client if they are injured. If you have or plan to open a studio you need to upgrade to a business policy, your individual policy excludes leasing or renting studios.
• A policy will cover you if you teach/train children in your state.

Personal Trainer Testimonial

"Find My Trainer is great because they match you up with clients that are in your area and who are looking for someone like you. As a trainer, you have greater opportunity to grow your business. The Find My Trainer team is friendly and helpful with any questions or issues that may arise. I am thankful for the chance to work with the company!"

- Katie W. San Diego Personal Trainer

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