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Reducing Everyday Injuries with Personal Training

Many injuries appear seemingly out of nowhere and when they are least expected. A shoulder twinge or the inability to bend over can put a serious hindrance on your ability to compete everyday tasks. ... Read More

4 Minute Tabata Workout

Exercise 1 – Burpees Burpees are a fantastic bodyweight exercise that give you a full body workout while also firing up your cardiovascular fitness. To perform burpees, follow the instructions be... Read More

Top 5 Weight Loss Diet Tips

If you're trying to lose weight, a healthy, calorie controlled diet needs to be the foundation. However, many people don’t take this into account when attempting to drop the pounds and as a result, ... Read More

Training Facility

I have a home gym complete with a power rack, over 800 pounds of barbell plates, tons of dumbbells, and exercise bike, heavy bag, and more! This is the exact location and equipment I used to over 100 ... Read More

Weight Loss

I went from 260 pounds and 30% body-fat to my current walk around weight of 165 pounds and 4% body-fat. Need I say more? I will teach you how to become a Nutritarian, and I will provide you with perso... Read More

Injury Rehabilitation

If you have any injuries preventing you from comfortably performing normal activities of daily living or competing as an athlete, my training services is just what you need to get back in TOP shape. I... Read More

Improve Sports Performance

I am an active powerlifter with the USA-PL / IPF Federation. I am also a former amateur boxer. I understand the training and nutritional requirements for athletes, and whether you are looking to gain ... Read More

Improve Overall Health

Suffering with diabetes, heart-disease, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, dementia, cancer, headaches, and any other physical ailment? Well I’m the personal trainer for YOU. I will teach you t... Read More


Flexibility is extremely important for ALL POPULATIONS. As an active powerlifter, I value each chance to improve my flexibility for recovery in between brutal workouts and for increased performance. W... Read More

Muscle Building

Whether you are a body-builder, athlete, or a regular person, my resistance training program will give you the results you are looking for. I walk around at under 4% body-fat, so for body-builders, I ... Read More


Welcome to your free nutrition and exercise guide! I became a certified personal trainer in order to pursue my passion to help as many people break free from the bondage of food addiction and learn to... Read More

The Body Fat Destroyer Web Site is Live!

We are here to help you!... Read More

Reach your New Year Resolution with a Personal trainer

2015, another year is about to come and we say goodbye to 2014. Did the healthy living you promised yourself last year slip by without taking a stance to get into shape? Why not start that New Year re... Read More

Start a Corporate Personal Training Program

Personal fitness and a healthy lifestyle lead to numerous benefits throughout your lifetime. At the work place, an accessible fitness routine can boost employee morale, increase productivity, decreas... Read More

Why a personal trainer cannot be replaced

In today\'s society, it is all about the new great fitness challenge. You continually see new ads for diets, pills, machines, apps, and programs that are supposed to help you lose weight. Today you ha... Read More

We are Fitness Contest Preparation Experts

My name is Chuck and I train clients to prepare for fitness competitions. With helping people in mind, I got my business together providing training figure competition consultation to maximize physiq... Read More

Our New Web Site

Welcome! My new web site is live and ready to help you start your fitness goals with masterpiece physique. Book a session or take advantage of our current fitness deal!... Read More

My Journey back to Myself

I am Dominique Riddick and this is my journey. After numerous injuries due to accidents and medication, my life became a battlefield. Before January 2011 I had been walking with a cane due to severe ... Read More

Lunge with laterial raise

Difficulty level: Intermediate Equipment: - Set of 2.5 to 12 pound dumbbells (depending on your ability) Benefit: This exercise works the side shoulder muscles (medial deltoids). It also help... Read More

Squat and dumbbell curl on foam roller

Difficulty level: Intermediate Equipment: - Set of 2.5 to 25 pound dumbbells (depending on your ability) - Foam roller Benefit: This exercise works the muscles in the biceps and quadriceps. It also ... Read More

Lateral raises on stability ball

Difficulty level: Advanced Equipment: - Stability ball - 5 to 10 pound dumbbells Benefit: This exercise works deltoid muscles. Progression: Do 3 sets of 10 reps, gradually increasing the 4 sets of 1... Read More

Biceps curl on stability ball

Difficulty level: Intermediate Equipment: - Stability ball - 5 to 10 pound dumbbells Benefit: This exercise works bicep muscles. The instability of the ball also forces you to use the core m... Read More

Exercise to help with lower back pain

Back pain affects more than two thirds of the population. There are many contributing factors to back pain including age, activity level, degenerative diseases of the discs and nerves, arthritis and ... Read More

Breaking Down the Real Cost of a Personal Trainer

Everyone knows that the fastest way to a better body is to hire a personal trainer who monitors your every move and does everything except slap the food out of your hand. Financial reasons, time cons... Read More

Hiring a Personal Trainer will Save you Time and Energy at the Gym

It seems everyone is under a time crunch these days. Incorporating your fitness routine can require scheduling and requires strict adherence to get results. Often quality is sacrificed to keep withi... Read More

How To Choose The Right In Home Personal Trainer

For the individual that wants to build muscle, get healthier, and lose weight in the process, dieting and working out on their own can be extremely challenging. If you have attempted this on your own ... Read More

Controlling Diabetes with diet and exercise

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that has become well known in the last ten years as Americans have grown accustomed to an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. According to the American Diabetes Associ... Read More

Overweight | Childhood Obesity | Kids health

Childhood and adolescent obesity rates have tripled since 1970s and although the rates have leveled off, childhood obesity still poses a serious health risk. According to a report from the American Me... Read More

Spot Reducing

One of the most common fitness myths is the idea of spot reduction. Spot reduction means decreasing body fat in one area of the body by repeatedly stimulating that area only. The marketing of prod... Read More

Improve Sports Performance

Are you looking to shave a few minutes off your marathon time? Do you want to be able to last your entire soccer game without fatigue? Maybe you just want to be able to run the bases in your softball ... Read More

Improve Overall Health

Does your last bad physical results haunt you? We some of the statistics the doctor gave you less than desirable? Was exercise something recommended by the doctor? Whether your report stated hypertens... Read More

Increase Endurance

Do you ever set out for a long walk with the best of intentions, yet turn back half way because you are too tired to continue? Have you ever made plans with your friends after work, yet once the work... Read More

Increase Flexibility

Do you have difficulty putting on your socks, or bending over to pick something up off the floor? Do you get lower back pain or have difficulty reaching things overhead? Your problem may be a lack of... Read More

Injury Rehabilitation

Have you recently injured yourself or had a surgery? Can you feel the muscles in your body losing strength? Are you afraid to try to strengthen those muscles yourself for fear of re-injury? Physical T... Read More

Build Muscle

Are you looking to make a change in a \"Big\" way? Is that change fitness related and you don\'t know where to start? Start by having the right Personal Trainer hand selected for you and your specific... Read More

Weight Loss

Do you feel like you are in a never-ending struggle with your waistline? Is the battle to lose weight always a battle you end up surrendering to? Weight loss may seem like rocket science to you, but t... Read More