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Online personal training is more cost effective than regular personal training. It is often more practical for most people as well. People have busy schedules and they cannot always schedule a training session that fits their schedule and the schedule of the personal trainer. Online training helps eliminate that by allowing the personal trainer to develop a program for you and then you can do your workout whenever it is best for you. You are still held accountable for your workouts because I am able to monitor your logs online through your personal training website and mobile app. Online training also eliminates the high cost of personal training sessions. Many people just cannot afford the $60 or more per hour cost of a personal training session. Online training cuts the cost significantly!

If you are looking for in-person personal training, I am here for you as well! I love to meet my clients in person and it is a great way to make sure that you are performing the exercises correctly with good form. I am able to support and motivate you more easily in person as well!

No matter what your needs are, I have something for everyone!
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