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For over 10 years, I've trained clients from all walks of life and of all ages; aspiring athletes, athletes trying to get more of an edge and those looking to simply gain muscle or lose weight. My main goal for every training session is to challenge your body to induce change. The intensity will bring you out of your body's comfort zone in order to achieve this but pays special attention to appropriate progression. I strongly believe that if one is training without achieving results, then they're just going through the motions.

The condition of our body and our health is the lens in which we experience the world. Polish that lens and your mind and outlook will see clearly and positively. Fitness is my passion and it is a gift that I've enjoyed instilling in my clients.

The first session is FREE and I will pay for your membership every month, with no commitment, to a very nice spa-gym in East Midtown, still at a very competitive session price! This way, you can (and should) get some workouts in between our sessions, go for a swim in a salt water pool in an enclosed glass area on the roof deck over-looking Manhattan or take some of the various and endless choice of classes that are available ALL FOR FREE at your leisure. Contact me to set it up! All I ask is that you maintain at least two sessions a week. That's it!

Certified and insured. References of old and current clients available upon request. Along with in-home training, I have four facilities in which we can work out in: East Midtown, Financial District, by Columbus Circle and one at West 104th.

"I've been training with Ray for 6-7 years and I always know it's completely worth it when I say at the end of every training session - "never in a million years would I work that hard on my own." Ray is a unique trainer - he knows how to push your limits but is always mindful of your real limits. The one thing you can be sure of when working with Ray is that every part of your body will get a workout and you will rarely repeat the same exercise routines. Add on top of all that, an excellent sense of humor."


"My personal training experience with Ray has been nothing short of life-changing. I started training with him as a 50th birthday present to myself. That was 8 years ago, and I have been training with him 2 times a week ever since. Now I am in better shape than I've ever been in my entire life. My strength, endurance, flexibility, and core are all significantly improved, as are mood and sleep. In addition, Ray has sped my recovery from 2 knee surgeries (after skiing accidents), guiding my recovery and return to full strength and activity level. Ray makes sure that each training session is different and calibrated to my current needs and condition. It would be impossible to overstate the positive impact he has had on my sense of well being. Training with him has been the best!"


"I have been training with Ray Vicente for well over five years. Ray is always changing my workout, which avoids the tedium of a repetitive routine and helps keep me motivated. He is reliable - always on time - and prepared. Working out with Ray helps me be as strong and in shape as I can be. In addition to delivering a great exercise program, he is friendly and personable. I can't recommend him more highly."

Curt S.

"I have been training with Ray Vincente for almost four years. His workout routine has impressively increased my strength and flexibility. It has brought about a marked improvement in my physique, something often prompts favorable comment. He has a talented understanding of body mechanics, something which enables him to develop modalities which optimally match the needs of his clients. He is an excellent trainer: I cannot recommend him more strongly."

Peter G.
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