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About Barefoot Tiger

We are Barefoot Tiger – a mobile team of fun-loving, inspired and healthy teachers, therapists and trainers, all with the same goal: to teach and inspire others to live healthy lives, in the comfort of their own homes. We make it possible for our clients to fit wellness regimes into their schedules and provide the ultimate in convenience for busy professionals. When you’re working out on your time and in your space, you have a greater chance of success…and to us, that is of utmost importance.

Could your relationship to fitness and health be fine-tuned? Maybe you've had a love-hate relationship with working out and eating well (or maybe just a hate relationship.)

Has your Physician or Physical Therapist given you instructions for improving your health, but you have no idea what to do next? You walk out of the medical office with a sheet of instructions but are feeling lost about where to start. When to start. Or who to trust.

Are you stuck with where to go next to improve your health, or need guidance on how to get started? Perhaps you've have never set foot in a gym but know you need to start doing something now but feel overwhelmed. Or you've tried everything in the book and nothing seems to work...ever...and you are frustrated beyond belief.

If you answered yes to any of these questions...all is not lost...
There is HOPE!

Book an appointment now for your complimentary 25-minute phone call and wellness vision planning session. There is no obligation at all. We just want everyone to walk away with something useful that you can put into place right away, with or without us.
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