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With competition increasing exponentially in the fitness industry, it's frustrating to try and be noticed. I have my personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and can write up a sound meal plan within minutes, but that only places me in to a slightly smaller pool of contenders. Why train with me then? What will make you certain that I can lead you to your goals?

Although life can have meaning and depth without it, adversity offers added challenges that give way to valuable lessons. As I began entering my adolescent years, I started losing grip on who I was. Being called "thunder thighs" by my mother and being perpetually outside of the popular clique, I quickly associated my awkward weight with being less than acceptable. I became obsessed with low numbers: meager calories, zero fat and smaller numbers on the scale. I spiraled in to a life threatening battle with an eating disorder that shackled my soul for a decade.

The following years of therapy, starting and stopping college, moving out and self-loathing seemed it would be the death of me. I was unhappily pushed and shoved to become someone I did not want to be and study what made no difference to my life. It was only when I decided to follow what was in my own heart, that recovery seemed possible.

Fitness saved me. Pushing my limits on a weight bench or dragging my feet through the last mile has developed a new respect for my body. I began running in races and completed a half marathon, much to the surprise of everyone including myself! When I work towards a more physically fit me, I know that I am doing it completely for me; instead of feeling guiltily selfish, I feel liberated.

Numbers have lost their significance. Calories, pounds and miles mean far less than they had years ago. No longer do I exercise and diet to fit in to a size 0 or to impress a man. I've regained trust with my body and treat it with forgiveness and acceptance. I stopped looking outside of myself for answers and turned my attention inwards.

My goal is to let you experience this feeling, as I have. The magic solutions are not found in diet pill bottles or top selling books-- it's in you! I will help you find what you have learned to mute after years of external messages. Before you even realize it, you will have a stronger body and a higher respect for yourself.

It's time to be selfish. It's time to take care of the most important person in your life. It's time to bring the focus back to you.
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