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I am an ISSA (International Sports Science Association) certified Personal Trainer and have eight other Fitness and Nutrition Certifications. I have been training for over 15 years. Fitness has been a part of my life recreationally and competitively for over 20 years. I am also a member of IDEA Health and Fitness Association, the world's largest association of health and fitness professionals.

Ten years ago I began sharing my love and knowledge of fitness and nutrition with others. I have worked with all fitness levels. I have had the joy and experience working with youth as young as four years, on up to people over the age of sixty-five. I have had many clients with medical issues ranging from but not limited to sports injuries, heart and cholesterol problems, osteoporosis, spina bifida and anorexia. Those just name a few. I have also enjoyed working with people who are are in need of sports specific training (i.e.marathoners, triathletes, bikers, swimmers, etc) and those who are wanting to be healthy, lose weight or tone up.

I have worked with a vast range of clients and enjoy every minute of it. No matter what your goal is or what results you want to obtain, I know that I can work with you. Put your confidence in me and together we will find your personal excellence�.A.M.P. Personal Fitness �Attitude, Motivation, Power!�

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