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About American Mobile Fitness

American Mobile Fitness is a new and innovative company. Our mission is to offer a comfortable place for people to workout, to design challenging and customized routines, to motivate and encourage clients to reach their goals, and to get people the results they desire through personal training and massage therapy and group training.

We provide convenient personal training, massage therapy, and group training in our clients' homes or offices. We bring all the equipment you need for a great workout or relaxation. You may also come to our state of the art studio and get the results you want. Our goal is to make fitness more convenient. We want to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a busy schedule. Our clients don't have to worry about time constraints. We make ourselves available at their convenience.

Our Virtual Personal Trainer allows you, as a client, to workout anywhere in the world that has internet access. Whether you are traveling for business or just going on a vacation you can stay fit with one of our certified personal trainers that will meet with you live and give you the custom challenging workout that you need. Next time you head out of town take your laptop with you and schedule a Virtual Personal Trainer session.

We only hire highly qualified fitness professionals. All of our trainers must have college degrees in health related fields. They must also be certified in personal training by a nationally recognized accrediting association. Our trainers are especially adept at working with people who have special needs such as obesity, pregnancy, injury, heart disease, or sport specific concerns. Our massage therapists are all board certified and have many specialties.

We believe that eating well and working out on a regular basis will lead to less stress and to a longer, healthier, and more rewarding life. We have seen clients change their lives, physically and emotionally, with the right training and inspiration. Our goal is to make that difference in your life.
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