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My aim is to help and support people who wish to grow physically and mentally. New this year: Fitness Kickboxing-- a great way to burn fat and get in great shape quickly. One of my related specialties is Nutritional Counseling. I determine your personal calorie requirements to help you achieve the weight loss you want in a safe manner and develop a meal plan for you. On average, my clients lose 1-2 pounds per week. Working with a personal trainer helps keep you motivated to achieve your weight loss goals. Developing lean body mass facilitates fat loss through increased metabolism. I also specialize in Corrective Exercise (I am NASM Certified). This can help alleviate back pain and correct postural imbalances. Other benefits include increased flexibility and range of motion. Perhaps you are interested in Strength Training, which increases bone density and reduces the risk of injury during day-to-day activities. I have worked with dozens of athletes to provide them with a winning edge. I am a member of Toastmasters International and I would be happy to speak to your club or organization on fitness related topics. I am also an Ambassador for the American Cancer Society
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