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Here at Johnny B. Fit Personal Training Systems I will help get you fit for the events that enhance your life, whether it is personal fitness training for a new and svelte you, or you, or the one you love is trying to get into the military; I am with you.You have taken the important first step on the path to physical fitness by seeking a personal trainer. My program will help you obtain muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance, and overall health.
Military Induction: I have trained many people for the military, and I will help you to met the requirements. The biggest cause for rejection of appointment, enlistment, and induction, is deficient muscular development that would interfere with the completion of required training. You have to be free of medical conditions or physical defects that would require excessive time lost from duty for necessary treatment or hospitalization or would likely result in separation from the Army for medical unfitness. Some 'defects' are preventable, i.e., overweightness, high blood pressure, some forms of diabetes, and some heart related illnesses.
Through the years I have designed programs for persons of various levels of fitness, i.e., marathon runners, tri-athletes, golfers, and tennis players. I motivate and train people with Hypertension, the morbidly obese, octogenarians, and youths. I give fit- check assessments (resting heart rate, blood pressure, body composition analysis, muscular strength,endurance tests, flexibility,range of motion analysis, cardiovascular fitness test, health risk appraisal). Flexibility,range of motion analysis. I am the all around guy for you fitness needs. Get you best body ever. We're located in the Atlanta,GA Metropolitan area.
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