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With holistic "mind-body" approaches to transformation. We offer support for a whole life change! Creating new ways of relating to oneself and to life, through building strength, confidence, and inner support.

We support in a way that releases shame and self beat-up, by creating a more nurturing inner relationship which will emerge in all aspects of life.

The program consists of workouts which implement Strength, and Cardio Conditioning as well as Nutrition Guidance (including foods you actually like), Coaching and Support in the convenience of your own home.

Our training is a journey through the transformation of the body and the psyche. Where through awareness we emerge on the other side with more understanding of our strength and with honor for our journey!

We love helping people find new creative ways approach wellness outside of old conditioned systems that create yo-yo dieting and cause us to lose confidence in our abilities to change.

Whether is it a gentle slow approach or a more intense jump start. We can find the approach that is aligned with you specifically, producing over all better health, more energy, and the Passion of Taking On A Life Fully!

Jeff Chaffee, ACE, NCCPT
8 Years of Personal Training Experience.
American Council for Exercise Certification
National Council for Certified Personal Trainers Certification.
USMC Infantry 4 Years
3 Years Hypnotherapy Experience.
Hypnosis Motivation Institute Certification
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