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Welcome to a whole different approach to personal training! Looking for a personal trainer in Atlanta, GA? Working as an ISSA certified personal trainer, I致e helped many people in the Atlanta, GA area meet their goals, overcome limitations, and challenge themselves. Just starting? I値l set you up with a complete personal training program that痴 easy to follow, efficient and effective. Need to update or reinvigorate your current training routine? I値l help you get past plateaus and start making progress again. Hate exercise? You値l find a personal training experience that is not only enjoyable, but you値l learn something in the process!

My mission as a personal trainer in Atlanta, GA is to educate my clients about exercise, diet, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, while empowering them to make the most of their abilities: through knowledge, direction and encouragement. You値l understand every aspect of your program. I encourage clients to take an active interest in accomplishing their goals, and I welcome their input and feedback throughout the entire training process.

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Your customized personal training program includes:

* Fitness Testing and Assessment
* Strength Training
* Cardiovascular Conditioning
* Nutritional Analysis
* Core Conditioning
* Balance and Flexibility Training
* Functional Training
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Injury Rehabilitation

Weight Loss

Increase Flexibility

Improve Sports Performance

Improve Overall Health

Build Muscle


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I Provide Partner Training - Two or More Clients at Once

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