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What drives my passion as a trainer is seeing people having a great quality of life? I spent a month in Nairobi, Africa in 2005. That trip caused me to see the world in a new light. The people there are greatly affected by the lack of nutrition and biomechanical improvements. It caused me to become more concerned about the well being of others. Before you can help those afar you must first start at home. In the US tremendous amount of capital is spent on Doctors and pharmaceutical drugs to preserver life. The government looks to set new health care plan to improve the ability for everyone to be able to obtain health care. Individuals are their own health care provider. Little to no attention is given to preventive care. Maintaining the body by having a complete and balanced nutritional and workout plan would decease the need for the drastic measure that is taken after infected. Success is only achieved when it is done together. If my quality of the life is great but the individuals around me aren�t I�ve yet to succeed. Having the knowledge and the ability to function at optimum levels is worthless if I do it alone. The best testament of truth is a living example. This is why I train personally and train others.
The ability to educate society as much as possible on balance in relation to health is my goal. The more people are educated on the affect their actions are negatively placing on their life. They become empowered to make better decisions. Balancing the right intake of nurturance in the body. Balancing the workloads, muscular development and conditioning. All play a roll in the long-term affects of a great quality of life. Seeing 80-year-old grandparents activity interacting with their grand and great-grandchildren is accomplishment. The more people positively encouraged and motivated to practicing better and whole health care. The great success of a better life we will all have. I may not be able to save all the people in Nairobi or around the world. What I can do is help the person next to me. That continuous link of improving our neighbor life will reach the individuals that I cannot.
The human is always growing and changing. In order to be able to continually help others knowledge must increase. I have studied and acquired great knowledge in fitness. I do not know it all. What I will do is never stop learning to try obtaining it all. Acquiring information from others, schools, book in whatever forms possible. I current am working on obtaining an AS in Management and BS in Sport Management at AMU. I will venture in the studies of Kinesiology, Nutrition, Western and Eastern (which I am acquired a bit of knowledge in) Medicine after AMU. I am also soon to start a number of FiTour courses. The more knowledge I obtain the better equipped to tackle whatever is presented to me. I would be able create the highest level training routines for all I assist in their quest for a better life. I prepare myself by rising early. Partaking in a number of physical, and mental exercises get me on my way. These activities along with being with my wife daughter, family and friends enable the stresses of life to fade away.
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