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I joined the fitness world about six years ago when I signed up for my first beauty pageant, and it changed my LIFE. I could not believe that the quality of my life drastically improved when I started to take the necessary steps to take care of MYSELF.

Discipline and really taking the time to nurture your health are imperative. Every aspect of my life started to transform. I began to develop stronger relationships, my career began to feel more fulfilling, and most importantly, I began to love myself.

In April 2017, TwumFit was born!

Basically, I decided to combine glam (skincare, barber, hair, and makeup) with fitness and nutrition. I believe that there is so much POWER within a human being when he or she takes care of themselves inside and out. My goal is to help people feel and look their very best.
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    Certification: Other
    Expires: 01/01/2021

    Insurance: Philadelphia Insurance Companies
    Expires: 09/01/2020


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