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About Goal Line Fitness

Our Services include:

• Boot Camp
• Personal Training
• Home/ Office Personal Training
• Social Seminars
• Corporate Wellness Programs

Our comprehensive wellness program is designed for individuals seeking to nurture and develop a lifestyle conducive to greater overall health and fitness. For those seeking multiple ways to get or stay in shape without living in a gym.

It starts with enrollment in one of our Exercise Programs which include our Personal Training, Home/ Office Personal Training & Boot Camp Sessions.

From there you are given access to our Nutrition Program which provides you with tons of useful information and the basic principles of eating right. This includes portion control, nutrient ratios, how many calories to eat a day, etc.

We conduct Monthly Assessments to keep track of your progress and allow us the chance to adjust your individual program to meet your goals.

You'll also gain access to our Social Seminars which are social wellness outings. We’ll head to places like Applebee’s, Whole Foods and more so you can learn how everyday decisions can produce fast results and create a healthy lifestyle rather than a temporary exercise/ diet program. All the while develop friends with similar interest to share experiences and grow.
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