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About Dynamic Health and Fitness

Dynamic Health and Fitness provides a unique environment that will produce results in the shortest amount of time. Programs are design carefully and thoughtfully with each individual's goals in mind in order to achieve their goals.

So what makes Dynamic Health and Fitness different?

I have trained many different types of people - from the new client looking to lose weight to the one looking to gain weight, from brides toning up for their weeding day, pregnant women, new moms, athletes, from age 17 to age 75, and I know that there is no cookie-cutter moldue to training and nutrition. I tailor every training session and nutrition program to each individual client because no two client's goals are the same. I want to help you reach your goals and get in YOUR best shape whether you want to have a muscular physique or you love your curves. And as far as nutrition, I have worked with clients that love to count calories, other who just want to be told exactly what to eat, and still others who need variety in their diet. I can tailor your fitness and nutrition to a plan that suits YOU best.

Dynamic Health and Fitness also has innovative and cutting edge training equipment such as the TRX Suspension Trainer, kettlebells and cardio ropes to keep training sessions exciting.
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