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Hi! Thanks for visiting! 360 brings a wealth of health and fitness knowledge and experience to benefit clients for a lifetime! My goal as a trainer is to help as many as possible to not only become fit, but also improve overall health and develop a lifetime of motivation and good habits that lead to a longer, healthier, and happier life. We all know the aesthetic benefits of maintaining good fitness, but there is more to the overall picture. So many preventable medical conditions exist that we are prone to develop at some point in life in the absence of good physical health and sound nutrition. My passion is helping my clients, my family, friends, and myself to reduce these chances of illness significantly.

I specialize not only in adult fitness training, but also in youth fitness and athletic development. With higher degrees in Health Sciences and Nutrition to accompany my fitness certifications and experience, I offer my clients a well-rounded (the 360 approach!), customized, quality training plan and individual sessions to address their unique concerns and goals.

*Certified Fitness Trainer - ISSA
*JrFit Certified - AAHF
*Level 1 Track & Field Coach - USATF
*M.S. in Health Sciences
*M.S. in Holistic Nutrition

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