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This philosophy guides me with each new client I meet. I try to find what makes the individual tick and what gets them smiling. I avoid the things they dislike the most. I teach each person the tools they need to eventually "graduate" and continue their fitness journey on their own. Most importantly, I teach each person that being active and eating healthy does not need to be so hard. By taking little baby steps, we get closer and closer to health each month.

I don't order you around for hundreds of push-ups and lunges. Instead, I workout with you and adjust the workout based on how you feel both physically and mentally each day and I combine the hundreds of exercises I have learned and all the new ones I think of for variety in your training experience. I don't give you as pre-planned food guide. Instead, I teach you step-by-step about healthy meal options and encourage you to make changes in your diet that you find manageable. You are in charge of the speed of the process taking on each task when you feel ready to move forward.

Based on my personal experience and the experience of the numerous individuals and groups I have worked with, I know that extreme make-overs ARE possible for those who truly desire to change their lives. Learning the steps you need to take there might take some time but with my help, you won't feel so lost and without support when you first get started.. I don't only build bodies, I build Icons!!
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