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I am a determined, driven, focused, ambitious fitness expert with the desire to professionally guide, motivate and help all those interested in achieving optimal overall health and wellness through safe, planned and documented exercise! I am known mainly (amongst my clientele, friends and co-workers) for my sincere, focused involvement during each training session. I tend to be structured, yet creative in exercise design in order to keep sessions fun, safe and intense based upon each individua's level of fitness and expectation. Importantly, I always...always document each session and what they entail (client response, timing of rest periods, speed of movements, client reaction, client mood, length of session, etc.). My chosen training protocol ranges from functional-based, dumbbell, barbell, resistance band, bodyweight, balance and coordination, stability and medicine ball and core driven movements, to name a select few. During my career, I have already achieved training approximately 160 people within the age range of 11-78 years (all of which have achieved positive results in regards to there fitness needs and objectives through my provided fitness services). I myself have been exercising, learning and developing since 1989 and continue to improve my own exercise performance, knowledge and health. I am certified with the ISSA (International Sports Science Association) and have been successful with my Personal Training career since the onset in September of 2005. I strongly rely on the ISSA and what they provide (business essentials, careful order of professionalism establishment, exceptional customer service, etc.) as well as Paul Chek and his scientific approach to fitness and wellness. IMPORTANT- AS FOR FITNESS INSTRUCTOR PERSONAL AND LIABILITY INSURANCE, I AM INSURED BY K&K INSURANCE;AS FOR CPR CERTIFICATION, I AM CERTIFIED BY THE INTERNATIONAL CPR INSTITUTE.
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