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Jonathan Mielec is a Certified Fitness Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), as well as a top placing NPC Physique Class Competitor and Powerlifter. His specialties include:

-Contest prep, both nutrition and training program design, for NPC Bikini, Physique, and Bodybuilding classes, as well as Powerlifting and Strongman competitors

-Sustainable diets that are manageable and integrate with your lifestyle without overwhelming it. Diet programs emphasize habits that are feasible, and even enjoyable, to continue indefinitely. Other attributes of the custom diets prepared are the elimination metabolic damage, adrenal fatigue and failure, negative hormonal changes, and post diet rebounds; really what every responsibly designed diet should be but so often falls short of.

-Compound closed chain movement based training programs that are truly functional, developing usable real world strength, conditioning, and functional stability, with outstanding aesthetic results (that’s where the namesake “Form From Function” came from)

-Weak point training is a main component of training program design. Instead of a cookie-cutter training programs, all programs address the fluctuating individual strengths and weaknesses that are constant in clients, and often change based on many factors. Whether it’s muscular imbalances, leverages (torso length to limb length, etc…), or past injuries that are all but forgotten but still impacting movement, addressing these factors dramatically increase results across the board.
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