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I am a certified personal trainer and have been for many years. I have been weight training since I was fourteen years old and training clients for about 9 years. I started out doing exercises with just a barbell at home until I was old enough to actually go in the gym. At school, I was sick of being another little guy, I was so excited to actually get in a real gym and be around the big guys. I was an eager beaver to learn as much as I can and accomplish my personal fitness goals. I enjoyed building and shaping my body the way I wanted and it is nice to get compliments from others too, as I accomplish my goals. I've always learned, you can do anything that you desire and put your mind too. The health/fitness field is ever changing and increasing with new studies coming out. There is a broad range of information to absorb everyday as I am always striving to increase my knowledge in this field and be able to help more people. It brings me a great satisfaction to help someone feel, look and perform better in whatever their personal health/fitness goals may be.
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