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Hellooo ! Glad to see you in this neck of the woods. My fitness started out the complete opposite of what it has grown into..

At a young age I was forced- or *encouraged* - by my parents to go to the gym because I didn't have time for sports while being a full-time performing musician and attending public school. But, once I realized what it felt like be strong, confident in my skin, and be able to do hefty tasks on my own without help from anyone else- it changed by entire perspective on exercise altogether. Being pushed to my limits through group + one-on-one HIIT/Circuit/Weight lifting/etc. training is something that made being a trainer myself quickly gain interest.

To be honest one of the positive fallouts of the pandemic for me was that I finally had the time away from my previously full performance lineup schedule as a pianist/singer to pursue this facet of my career and take the courses to be able to train other individuals and spread my passion for health + fitness. While I was at it, I also decided to get an emphasis in nutrition because as someone who grew up dairy + gluten intolerant, I have had to be very aware and conscious of what I put in my body. Your food is your fuel and can affect not only your physical health, but just as importantly, your mental health. I have struggled with anxiety/depression in the past, what you eat + your movement patterns can be a pivotal component to stabilizing your mood and happiness altogether.

Putting my health first has changed my life, and I want to help instill that positive change yours to help you achieve your goals! So- If you're looking for enthusiastic support and direction in your fitness journey, I am the trainer for you !

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