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My name is Dustin Conrad I'm a NASM certified traveling fitness trainer, I'm also the founder of Trainers For A Cure - a non profit devoted to curing obesity and other health related illnesses. And Bands and Body Fitness - which is a comradery oriented exercise class that goes into addiction treatment centers and gyms and brings people together in a really fun and healthy way. But, underneath all that, I'm also a someone who has struggles and prevailed against my own demons of addiction and insanity. And it took me to a really dark place. In 2006 I ended up rupturing two heart valves and had to have open heart surgery performed on me. After that a totally different kind of opening of the heart took place and I dedicated my life to working on myself and helping others. A huge part of what has made me a such a success in, not only, my physical life, but also my mental life; is exercise. I I can't say enough about how important I feel it is. So I commend anyone who takes their health on with that kind of vigor because its not an easy task. It takes commitment and consistency. I am honored to be the one to walk with you on that path.
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