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I believe the functionality is so important. Being able to do the movements correctly- the right way is how I approach my training. EveryBODY matters and is capable of achieving any goals no matter how difficult they might seem but, in order to accomplish those goals, one has to be committed to making them happen. I am here to help carry you through that commitment and encourage you along the way. Whether your goal is to be able to walk easily, tone/bulk up or lean down; I've got you covered. Nutrition is key, I offer guidance in that field as well. You can't succeed in fitness without the correct nutrition. I am a certified personal trainer through NASM as well as a Fitness nutrition specialist through ISSA. I can touch on nutrition/macros, life coaching and more.
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    Certification: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
    Expires: 2020-09-01

    Insurance: Other
    Expires: 2020-03-01

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    Santa Monica, California 90405

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