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I start by researching what is important to my client and then I dedicate myself to putting together an individually tailored program that encompasses your goals and interests. I enjoy training with clients who are committed and open to working to the best of their ability. My programs are tailored primarily to assist with fat loss and lean muscle gain. I work with all fitness levels, all ages, men and women and can create programs to fit and enrich any person interested in pursuing a healthier life.

I utilize weight training, flexibility and core strength to enhance the pursuit of any sport or fitness goal. My classically trained background in ballet, modern dance, gymnastics, yoga and my most recent interest in surfing and snowboarding all contribute to and enhance programs designed for the athlete as well as the recreational client. I have an intuitive ability to read individual body mechanics and correct minute changes in form which has evolved from my over ten years of experience with teaching strength training and cardiovascular fitness.

Most importantly, after assessing a client’s needs and goals I help answer questions such as how often a person should train, for how long and what kinds of exercises will enhance long term improvements in fitness.
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