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Fast Pace PT works on the philosophy that everyone is their own unique person with unique fitness goals. So I build personal fitness regiments to help people reach their personal fitness goals at the fastest pace possible.
A balanced lifestyle with consistent exercise and proper eating habits are essential for anyone to keep a heathy body they are proud to show off. That is why at fast pace PT we use fitness journals to slowly modify your personal eating habits to a lifestyle you can maintain the rest of your life, while enjoying what you eat.
I personally have lost over 80 pounds from my heaviest weight and have helped 3 people loose over 40 and 7 people loose over 20 pounds of body fat, and many more people tone their whole body by converting body fat to lean muscle.
I provide one on one fitness sessions or group sessions. Each session begins with a short dymanic stretch and warm up, moves into 45-50min of hard work, and finishes with static stretching cool down.
collegiate Athlete
Bachelors of Science MTSU
Certified Personal Trainer NASM
Certified Group instructor TRX Suspension training
Certified Instructor RKC kettle bells
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