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Pre Natal Fitness Classes in Newbury park

Fitness for the pregnant woman. Designed in stages pertaining to each trimester of pregnancy. Factors are taken into consideration when creating workouts such as maintaining safe heart rates, weight loads and positions.


1 Pre Natal Fitness Classes Provider in NEWBURY PARK California

Special Populations : Senior, Pregnancy, Youth, Injured In newbury park

Exercise designed specifically for special populations including senior fitness, pre/post natal fitness, youth fitness and injury rehabiliation. Requires more in depth knowledge of specific population being targeted. Learn more about additional Newbury Park Special Populations : Senior, Pregnancy, Youth, Injured providers.

Post Natal Fitness Classes In newbury park, california

Fitness designed with the post partum body in mind. Exericses are designed to help the body realign itself after giving birth. Focusing on gently movements to slowly allow the body to return to normal physical functioning. Post Natal Fitness Classes is wonderful if your goal is to Weight Loss or Improve Overall Health, we recommend reaching out to a provider.

newbury park Post Natal Fitness Classes

Why Get A Fitness Tracker?

  • Keep track of your daily routine and set goals
  • Share progress and get support
  • Count calories and be aware of what you consume

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