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  • About
    I have been in and around the fitness industry for 15 years. I have delt with plenty of health obstacles and overcome them. Which helps me to understand what others are going through. I love adventure so I constantly strives to make workouts more and more interesting and adventurous so that it can be fun to stick to.

    I am first aid, CPR and AED certified, I hold certifications in fitness and nutrition and also holds a B.S in Health.

    My philosophy

    Enjoy life to the fullest extent. I believe that we should truly enjoy life, so I help people get in shape for the life they want to live. Find activities that you enjoy to keep your fitness going.

    Love who you are. Find the things about yourself you do love. Remember we are always working on improving ourselves so why not also accept who we are now and build upon that.

    Why put off to tomorrow what you could do today. In one year from now where will you be? Why put off what you want in life? Whether it is you fitness or education or just something you have always wanted to experience do it today or at least get the plans for achieving it together today!
  • Specializations

    Alternative Fitness

    Boot Camp Training

    Alternative Fitness

    Spartan Race Training
    Tough Mudder Training
    Triathlon Training

    Traditional Sports

    Basketball Training
    Boxing Classes
    Cycling Training
    Football Training
    Golf Training
    Gymnastics Lessons
    Hockey Training
    Raquet Ball
    Rock Climbing
    Running Training
    Swimming Classes
    Wrestling / Grappling

    Traditional Training

    Athletic Training
    Balance Training
    Body Building Training
    Body Sculpting
    Cardio Training
    Circuit Training
    Core Training
    Corrective Exercise
    Endurance Training
    Fitness Training
    Functional Training
    Group Fitness
    Group Personal Training
    Personal Training
    Resistance Training
    Strength And Conditioning Training
    Weight Loss Training

    Sports Specific Training

    Aerobics Classes
    Belly Dancing Classes
    Competition Training
    Dance Classes
    Health Fitness
    High-Intensity Interval (HIIT) Training
    Holistic Fitness
    Kettlebell Training
    Kickboxing Classes
    Lacrosse Training
    Life Coach
    Massage Therapy
    Nutrition For Sports
    Plyometric Training
    Soccer Training
    Sports Training

    Sport inspired Fitness

    Barre Fitness
    Pilates Classes

    Special Populations : Senior

    Children's Fitness Training
    Post Natal Fitness Classes
    Pre Natal Fitness Classes
    Rehab Training
    Senior Fitness Classes
    Youth Fitness Camps

    Martial Arts

    Aikido Classes
    Jiu Jitsu Classes
    Krav Maga Classes
    Martial Arts Training
    Mixed Martial Arts Training
    Muay Thai Classes
    Self Defense


    Hatha Yoga
    Myofascial Release
    Yoga Classes
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