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About Simon Wasserman

Hi there! I was about to become a cardiovascular surgeon, but dropped out after 4 years, because I had to explore and spend my youth travelling the world and not sitting in a classroom. Today, I'm working as a fitness professional and am involved in various projects concerning age prevention.

What I can help you with:
- Completely personalized training
- Completely personalized nutrition
- Motivation and more energy
- Improved cardiac performance and health
- Reversing and eliminating Injuries and improving recovery
- Body fat loss at the right places
- Muscle gain
- Aesthetically toning the body the right way
- Improved athletic performance
- Improved energy levels
- Preventing diseases before they occur
- Preventing Osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, dementia, Parkinson disease, Joint and tendon injuries
- Improved Flexibility and Mobility with assisted stretching
- Supplemental books, papers and videos concerning every aspect of working out and eating right
- Anatomical knowledge and understanding due to my background in medicine and professional sports
- Health principles you can apply your whole life long
  • Specializations

    Traditional Sports

    Swimming Classes

    Traditional Training

    Athletic Training
    Balance Training
    Body Building Training
    Body Sculpting
    Core Training
    Corrective Exercise
    Endurance Training
    Fitness Training
    Functional Training
    Personal Training
    Resistance Training
    Strength And Conditioning Training
    Weight Loss Training

    Sports Specific Training

    Competition Training
    Health Fitness
    High-Intensity Interval (HIIT) Training
    Kettlebell Training
    Life Coach
    Nutrition For Sports
  • Credentials

    Certification: Other
    Expires: 12/01/-0001

    Insurance: Other
    Expires: 12/01/-0001


Which one are you interested in?

Injury Rehabilitation

Weight Loss

Increase Flexibility

Improve Sports Performance

Improve Overall Health

Build Muscle


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I Train Male and Female Clients

I Provide Partner Training - Two or More Clients at Once

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