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About Gravity Ball Fitness

MD physician-fitness trainer offering personal exercise instruction utilizing our unique exercise device the Gravity Ball Fitness system®.

The Gravity Ball Fitness System is a unique and portable strengthening device that was created and designed by a physician who is also a fitness trainer and sports enthusiast. The Gravity Ball offers a wide variety and number of functional exercises in an all-in-one exercise ball. It integrates variety, fun and function to different exercises and body movements. Regular use will enhance strength, flexibility, balance and overall fitness. Best of all, there are no “rules” or “limits” to the number or kinds of exercises you can come up with.

The Gravity Ball method of strength and resistance training utilizes effective, efficient, creative and functional ways to use the Gravity Ball to do strengthening exercise and physical rehabilitation. By using movement and non-movement equally through a range of various movements and poses exercise efficiency is maximized while joint, muscle and tendon stress is minimized. It promotes awareness of the body and emphasizes proper breathing and postural form. Functional movements and creative training techniques strengthen, tone, stretch and condition all major joints and corresponding muscle groups.

We are offering in-home or in-business personalized fitness training sessions that teach the fundamentals of the Gravity Ball Method for individuals and groups who reside in the Southern California area.

The program consists of:

5 hours of individual consultation with Dr. Chavez and his training assistant which includes:

• Nutritional guidance and guide
• A health and fitness consultation
• Introduction to the Gravity Ball Fitness system
• Hands on teaching of the Gravity Ball Method
• Exercise instruction and workout plan using the Gravity Ball
• Your own hand-made Gravity Ball Fitness system (made in the USA in Long Beach, CA)

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