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I am a female personal trainer with 3 1/2 years of experience in the health and fitness field. I am a licensed and practicing chiropractor, as well, in the state of CA and I feel this gives me a lot of knowledge in the field of how the body works so I can safely and effectively prescribe an exercise program to my clients. I like to make the workouts fun and enjoyable by making sure the clients know that time is dedicated to helping them feel better and healthy, and even happier! I tailor my workout programs to fit the goals and needs of the client rather than using a cookie-cutter plan for everyone. Each person has a different goal and a different body, so their workouts should be geared toward that individual's goals so they can get the results that they are looking for. I train clients of a wide age range, from the young adult to the mature population, and they all have been happy with their individual results from weight loss, to increased strength, endurance and energy levels. Even grandparents telling me they are the only grandmother or grandfather in the family who can keep up with their grandkids! Statements like these keep me going in this field of health and fitness because I know I have helped someone change their life and lifestyle for the better in a way they never thought possible. It feels good to help someone else feel PROUD about their accomplishments.
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