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I have a Bachelor of science in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Health Promotions from Colorado State University. I am NASM certified
and teach a variety of Group exercise classes. I am Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition through E-Cornell and have an online business with my husband helping traveling professionals lose weight and improve their quality of life while on the road. I am a 3rd Place podium finisher at North Face Endurance Challenge Championships, marathon distance 2013. I have participated in almost every sport, Team and individual (basketball, soccer, track, cross-country, mountaineering, rock climbing etc) and currently participate in ultra endurance events and ironman events. Furthermore, I have an autoimmune disease and am well versed in helping others who struggle with these life altering circumstances. It is possible to be healthy and feel better if you know your limits and have the guidance of a professional. I can help you reach your athletic goals, no matter how small or big!
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