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I am a college graduate from Dakota Wesleyan University. I am a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Trainer. Ive been training and playing sports my whole life, and through college athletics. The bulk of my knowledge has come from personal experiences and many great coaches and trainers I have had throughout my life and career. I use a combination of different techniques when it comes to training. Depending on what a person physical shape is and how experienced a person is, determines our type of training. Also, depending on the individuals goals, the training can change as well.
I like to use a lot of body weight training. This is more natural for your body, and helps someones better control their own body weight. Along with training like this, we are able to work on many other different aspects including; balance, coordination, and flexibility. I steer away from using machines because they are fixed machines that don't require and balance or stabilization of the joints. By not using machines and using more dynamic exersices our body is required to use more muscles to help you balance and stabilize. Especially for beginners, its always good to start slow and build a good foundation of lean muscle so your body can burn off that stubborn fat, with use of a high intensity interval training.
Along with the physical training, I will also teach you how to eat healthy and get all the correct nutrients that your body needs during your body transformation.
I will help you improve your life and your health, this is the first step in a new improved you!
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