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CHEK Exercise Coach
(What is a CHEK Exercise Coach? A Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiologist (CHEK) Coach is one of the finest and most highly trained exercise professionals in the world. The CHEK Coach specializes in the whole human being as a holistic entity. The CHEK program is created from all of the branches of orthopedics, chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy and alternative therapies. This multi-discipline approach allows the coach to find the true source of the client's pain or dysfunction.)
CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Level 1
NMT2 (Spinal Column, Hip/Trunk, Diaphragm (St. John Paul method)
Hair, Mineral Toxicity Analysis (Healthexcel & Metabolic Typing Center)
Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor - Advanced(Healthexcel & Metabolic Typing Center)
ACE Personal Trainer Certification
AFAA Personal Trainer Certification
American Heart Association CPR Certified
Continuing Education:
Chronic Stress Related Disorders (BioHealth)
Primal Pattern Movements (C.H.E.K. Institute)
Training Women Equal but not the Same (C.H.E.K. Institute)
Program Design (C.H.E.K. Institute)
Scientific Back Training (C.H.E.K. Institute)
Scientific Core Conditioning (C.H.E.K. Institute)
Advanced Swiss Ball Training for Rehabilitation (C.H.E.K. Institute)
Swiss Ball (Functional) Training - Beginner though Athlete (C.H.E.K. Institute)
Integrated Core Stabilization Training (NASM)
TRX Certification Class
Practical Nutrition for Fitness Professionals (Nutrition Dimension)
Nutrition, Exercise, & Fitness (Nutrition Dimension)
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