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About Noah Hodgin Wellness

As a personal trainer in Costa Mesa, Noah specializes in exercise

physiology and designing fitness and nutrition programs for

men and women in the following areas:

Sports Specific Training
Muscular Endurance Training
Weight Loss and Weight Gain
Strength Training
Competition Training
Cardiovascular Endurance Training
Overall Conditioning
Nutritional Planning

Noah Hodgin Personal Trainer

-experienced fitness professional in Orange County.

Noah was inspired to become a personal
trainer through his own experiences as high school & college athlete, which he spent many years on the wrestling team. This when he discovered his passion for fitness and helping others to meet their health and fitness goals.

After taking a couple years off due to injury he realized his true passion was getting back into the industry to help people meet their health & fitness goals.

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Weight Loss

Increase Flexibility

Improve Sports Performance

Improve Overall Health

Build Muscle


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I Train Male and Female Clients

I Provide Partner Training - Two or More Clients at Once

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