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Xtreme Fitness Training Center is a private personal training facility offering a personalized, friendly, no-nonsense environment for people to achieve their health and fitness goals by training with the best personal trainers Corona has to offer you. You never have to worry about who's checking you out or the meat market atmosphere of some of the big impersonal mega gyms. And you are held accountable because your success is our success. We care about you because you are more than just a number to us.
Our principal service is group, personal and kickboxing training.

10 Weeks To Your Ultimate Body

Xtremeâs 10 Weeks to Your Ultimate Body Program is designed to produce faster results then you would get on your own â significantly faster. There are two components to the 10 Week Program which contribute to this accelerated pace:


The reason that kickboxing with heavybags is a more superior workout than regular cardio is because of the strength exercises combined in the classes and the muscular workout provided by working against a heavybag. If you check the American Journal of Sports Medicine, almost all of the studies show that doing a workout that includes resistance â like the kind you get from working with heavybags as in our kickboxing classes â will produce faster results than other types of cardio. By results we mean lower body fat measurements and higher lean mass. For optimal results you will need to attend 2-3 kickboxing classes per week.


The nutrition component for the 10 Week Program is designed to increase your metabolism, which is another reason for the previous success of this program. You will participate in an in-depth seminar at the outset of your program, where you will learn the principles and details of the nutritional recommendations. If you follow our nutrition plan your muscles will demand more calories and your body will become a fat-burning furnace. You will have your own coach who will track your nutrition and help you via email throughout your 10 Weeks.

At Xtreme Fitness Norco-Corona Fitness you can work out with a small group of 2-5 people, with a trainer to lead you through a challenging, full body weight training workout that will get your heart racing, your blood pumping, and keep your motivation levels high!

This is our most popular class. Group training with Xtreme Fitness is not only a great way to get in shape but to meet new people too.

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