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Early 1980 when bodybuilding was at its peak I discovered it was a passion to work out with weights. The years Iíve helped many accomplish their goals. As I waited my clients got stronger and changed on the outside as well as the in. over the years I have watched individuals walk into the gym and go directly to cardio. When they came over to weight resistance area I watched many people not really know what to do. Iíve had many years working with chain/big gyms that have loved helping people gain personal strength (physically and emotionally). I am nationally certified and have had the luxury of testing many different exercise/strength training programs.

I stated earlier that I have worked at many gyms throughout my career and have decided to show more individual attention. Talking with many of my clients, I have noticed that a lot of us do not come to the gym due to its size, clients having to wait for machines, or donít want to be seen by somebody from work, school or the neighborhood. This also helps us not waist valuable time between sets and exercises. I have noticed bigger gains and clients reach personal goals much faster (rapid rate). I have adjusted my theology to a gym that is exclusive to only five other trainers. Given me a great team to rely on for the most modern fitness programs, vast experience and knowledge to work from. I believe we must always be learning to keep us young and active.

I realize that times are tough for many people right now. The reward in it for me is not the revenue generated, but rather to help people. I have many different programs ranging from once to five times a week. A personal workout regimen is always the clientís needs for any event or occasion.

I specialize in muscle recovery that begins at age 21 to deteriorate. Yes, is muscle starts at an early age. I have proven workout strategies that have set my clients apart from the run of the mill weekend certified gym trainer. By focusing on the main body for concern rapid improvement. I have had experience and personal achievement I n working with women who are looking for an unique shape. This is the most impressive aspect on my resume but cater to a wide demo graph.

Benefit to training
Private gym setting
Build muscle sculpture
Raise metabolism
Helps battle disease (diabetes, arthritis, hypertension heart disease)
Promotes strong bones
Builds self esteem


Dieting and nutrient are key facts to consider when pushing yourself in new directions. If a client would like me to set them up with a nutrient supplement program it will be based around an individual lifestyle. This is the best way to combined with training to reach personal desired goals.

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Injury Rehabilitation

Weight Loss

Increase Flexibility

Improve Sports Performance

Improve Overall Health

Build Muscle


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