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Albert Oganesian
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS)

2010 NPC Pacific USA Body Building Championship (Teen Men) 1st place
GNC 2009 NPC Pacific USA Body Building Championship (Teen Men) 1st place
Mr. & Mrs. Muscle Beach 2009 (Teen Men) 2nd place
Muscle Beach Championship 2009 (Teen Men) 2nd place
GNC NPC National California 2010
(Teen Men) 5th place 

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Albert Oganesian a 2 time Teen USA Natural National Champion has been in the fitness industry for over 5 years. He's been in the lime light for quite a while now, coming into the Bodybuilding sene taking it by storm. Albert being the muti talented athlete is a expert in Muy-Thai, and Kickboxing. He has been practicing the art of Martial Arts for of 10 years. Coming into the football seen at the age of 15 playing at John Burroughs High for 4 years as a Left Guard and a Defensive End. Being elusive, cunning, and quick he got on the field doing his job beyond exceptional.  At the age of 16 Albert started bodybuilding, never thinking he would be anything in the sport. Weighing 145lbs he went up to 216lbs. His first show was the Muscle Beach Venice show. Never thinking how great he would do he came in as the underdog with no expectations. He went on the stage blowing the crowds minds at the age of 16. Even though he took 2nd he became hungry and got the drive and perseverance to come to his next show and take the win. He never faltered never quivered. He came to the Teen USA Natural Nationals hungry for that first place trophy. Never the less he got what he was hoping and working do dearly for. Taking the first place win was one of his biggest accomplishments. He went on to win the show again in August of 2010 being the last show he has competed in since. Now Albert has specialized in bringing the best quality of training to every individual that needs it. Being one of the youngest in the sport Albert teaches the art or Muy-Thai and Kickboxing also Self defense. 
Albert specializes in giving the best nutritional guidance to all athletes, to achieve there goals in either to gain or lose weight, build muscle or strength. Utilizing both functional and improvised techniques to give the athlete the best quality of nutrition and training out there. Albert prides on the success of his clients and results he provides.  Albert always says " With dedication, motivation, and aspirations anything can be achieved, so whats stopping you... 
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