Brent J Horton Cpt Hlc Buena park Personal Trainer

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About Brent J. Horton CPT , HLC.

Locations: Xcel Fitness Gym in La Habra, CA or training at park in Buena Park Area.

Services offered: 1 on 1 private training, group training, Women's Bootcamp.

Fatloss- Weightloss
Muscle and Weight Gain
Toning- Body Recomp
General Health and Wellness
Holistic Nutrition
Metabolic Typing

-Honors graduate of CNI College of Personal Training.
-CHEK HLC holistic lifestyle coach
Level 1
-Kettlebell RKC
-Crossfit & TRX Enthusiast

Hello my name is Brent Horton. I have been a fitness trainer now for almost 6 years working at many of the big gyms. I have a real passion for health and fitness. It wasn't until I got sick in 2003 that I knew there had to be more to live than being sick and tired all the time and that's exactly what I was. I took on the challenge of getting in the gym and started to eat better but still wasn't getting the results I hoped for. That's when I decided to get an education! There are so many misconceptions out there promising true health, vitality and a perfect body that you really don't know what to believe or where to start! So many different exercise programs, diets, and supplements out there it is hard to know which one will work! Well the truth is everyone is different and one exercise program or diet may not work for everyone. One size does not fit all. Whatever your goal, I can help you cut through all the hogwash and give you the real results & education you've desired.
I love helping people and I'd love to be of service to you or those you care for. For more information please contact me anytime via Text or Email preferred.

Thank you.
Take Care of Your Body and it will take care of you. God bless.
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Weight Loss

Increase Flexibility

Improve Sports Performance

Improve Overall Health

Build Muscle


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I Provide Partner Training - Two or More Clients at Once

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