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Are you looking to shave a few minutes off your marathon time? Do you want to be able to last your entire soccer game without fatigue? Maybe you just want to be able to run the bases in your softball league without being out of breath. Hiring a Personal Trainer to assist you in a sports specific exercise routine could be your answer. FindMyTrainer can connect you with a Personal Trainer who understands your sport and want to show you how to increase your sports performance. Using our Personal Training service will match you with a Personal Trainer that can design an exercise program that is specific to the sport you would like to improve your performance in. All our Personal Trainers have excelled beyond the average personal trainers in the industry. We only bring the best Personal Trainers into our Personal Trainer Network to help people like you improve their sports performance.

The answer on how to increase your sports performance depends directly on what sport you are looking to improve. Each sports recruits different muscles in different planes of movement and it is crucial that a Personal Trainer know this information in order to maximize your desired results. There are sport specific exercises that can increase performance in golf, tennis, surfing, running, soccer, basketball, water skiing, football, lacrosse, and any other sport you might participate in.

Balance is an important part of any sport. There are many new balance devices that can be used in personal training to simulate a specific sport or an unexpected obstacle. Many personal trainers utilize these balance devices in what is called functional training. Functional training is designed to increase strength in a way that is functional to your life. If you surf, the is is functional for you to work on your lateral balance. If you are a gymnast, it is functional for you to work on your single leg balance. Balance work is beneficial no mater the sport you participate in. FindMyTrainer can connect you with a local Personal Trainer who can help you work on your balance.

Improving sports performance is important for the seasoned athlete as well as the inter mural or league athlete. Finding a personal trainer who can build your strength specific to your sport is also key to keeping injury free. Avoid injuries buy training the specific muscles and ranges of motion associated with your sport. Don't take time away from your game or practice to find a personal trainer, let FindMyTrainer do it for you. Use our service to find a Personal Trainer in your area. Get started with one of our Pre-Screened, Certified, and Insured Personal Trainers today!

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