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Breaking Down the Real Cost of a Personal Trainer

Everyone knows that the fastest way to a better body is to hire a personal trainer who monitors your every move and does everything except slap the food out of your hand. Financial reasons, time constraints, or not finding a trainer who you trust can all affect your health outcomes. Breaking down the real costs of a personal trainer can help you decide whether or not hiring a trainer is the right choice for you.

The cost of personal training has become more affordable in recent years. It used to be that no one was getting a workout with a personal trainer for less than a hundred dollars an hour. Times have changed. Trainers are making a real effort to fit into the budgets of their clients. Many trainers offer discounts for purchasing multiple sessions at a time as well as payment plans for packages. It is important to check with each trainer's individual cancellation policies as well as refund policies. The average trainer is charging between 40 and 80 dollars per hour. Some charge more, some charge less. Certifications, degrees, specializations, location, willingness to travel as well as education are all things that factor into a trainer's pricing schedule. Most gyms have personal trainers who are staffed for their patrons to hire. Often discounted personal training is offered in conjunction with memberships.

Many people think that they do not have the time for a personal trainer. The truth is that time becomes way more efficient when working with a personal trainer. Personal trainers design your workout so you don't have to spend time coming up with a plan or figuring out what to do once you get to the gym. They set up the equipment for you which at times can be half the battle if you aren't familiar with the machines. A good personal trainer will be monitoring your form to decrease risk of injury while maximizing muscle usage in the proper way. There are personal trainers who will travel to you, decreasing even further the time you have to spend on your workout. If you like to exercise in the morning and don't want to have to shower in a gym locker room before work, then the extra $10 per hour for a trainer to come to you can be priceless.

Deciding what criteria you find important in a personal trainer can be time consuming. The most important things to look for in your trainer are a current nationally accredited personal training certification, personal liability insurance, and someone who practices what they preach. All nationally accredited personal training certifications require a minimum amount of continuing education in order to maintain and renew their certification. This means that every two years, which is standard, these minimum requirements must be met. This ensures that trainers are keeping up to date with the latest personal training standards and practices. This also makes sure that the trainer expands upon their education. Requiring insurance of your trainer is a must. No one goes into anything expecting to get injured, but should it happen, you want to be protected. The best trainers talk the talk and walk the walk. Someone who clearly is taking their own advice and practicing a healthy lifestyle will be someone you want to look up to and someone you trust with your own health.

A local search on a personal trainer website can help to narrow your search and allow you to see all of the trainers who are in your area. This is one stop shopping for personal trainers as you can view all

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